The Voices of Change website was created to promote the Book Voices of Change that came about as the London Women’s History Project Group collected the stories of women who had been active in the community during a period known as the Second Wave of Women’s Liberation.  We wanted to let young women know what these women had done to pave the way for them.

The website is now a portal for promoting the book and going forward with the revival of LSWAG (London Status of Women Action Group), an organization that existed for decades and then ceased to exist in the 90s, We are going to bring it back as a way to bring us all together with the same vision as it is expressed in the original Constitution of LSWAG to “Promote unity among those who share a common interest in improving the status of women and in eliminating barriers to the right to self-determination for women.”

We would like to thank or supporters of the Voices of Change Book:

The London Heritage Council
TD Canada Trust

A huge debt of gratitude is owed to all of the women in this book, and many others who are not a part of the book, who agreed to talk about their lives and accomplishments.  Your determination, courage, and energy have forever changed our community and our country and we are eternally grateful!

Join Us on March 8 for an International Women’s Day Rally!