International Women’s Day Rally

Wednesday, March 8 at 6 PM - 8 PM
Huron University College - Kingsmill Room - Western University

A a call to action to #BeBoldForChange. The Voices of Change Project , the London Women’s History Project, and the London Status of Women Action Group are organizing this event to celebrate International Women’s Day.

This event is intended to bring people from all religions, ages, genders, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds . . . together to inspire one another to action!

We want members from all across our community to feel welcome.  We have a bunch of women knitting hats like the ones that were worn at the March on Washington, however, this time we will not only have pink hats, but hats of all colours as a symbol that although we have some shared hopes, we all have our unique experiences and approaches to how we will engage in change.

At the event we will have speakers from across our community stand up to declare their hope and their action.  We will have a giant board where attendees can write down their hope and what action they will commit to take.  We will be re-forming the London Status of Women Group (LSWAG) – an organization that existed for decades and then ceased to exist in the 90s, but we are going to bring it back as a way to bring us all together with the same vision as it is expressed in the original Constitution of LSWAG to “Promote unity among those who share a common interest in improving the status of women and in eliminating barriers to the right to self-determination for women.”

Join us and share this event!

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  1. Roberta Cory says:

    I am co-chair of the Council of Canadians, London Chapter. I recently went to Washington DC on the Canadian Women’s March bus. I have taken leadership in hosting speakers, rallies, and marches for environmental and social justice CoC is issue oriented and does not support any particular party. I am available to speak if you have room.

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